Unicorn Macaron Master Class (Intermediate)

Unicorn Macaron Master Class (Intermediate)

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Learn the fine art of macaron making from the makers of Sydney's best macarons. Unleash your creativity as a MakMak chef will run interactive demonstrations on all aspects of mastering the secret macaron technique, including tasting, naturally. You will then have the chance to prepare your own unicorn macarons and taste the results!

This class will be our first of many intermediate classes so if you have not done the basic class with us yet, I strongly urge that you do!

This class is only available for students who have done the basic class with us as we won't be going as in depth into the mixing process as we did in that class. Students from that class will know that our recipe is unique in that it doesn't play well with other poeple's techniques or know hows.

We'll focus instead on technique and application of what you have learned in the basic class and we'll put it to good use to make these super cute unicorn macarons.